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ice plant variety

Ice Plant Care Guide From A Florida Nursery

Ice Plants The Ice plant is the common name referring to a wide variety of Lampranthus and Delosperma plant classifications. Lampranthus and Delosperma are both in the family Aizoaceae which are frequently regarded as succulents. They both originate in either Southern or Eastern African regions preferring warmer climates. Ice plants get their unique name from…

Allamanda plant guide

Allamanda Care Guide From A Florida Nursery

Let’s not waste another moment and get straight into our Allamanda Care advice How Do You Maintain The Allamanda Plant?   The allamanda (Allamanda cathartica) is a tropical flowering shrub often used as a houseplant. It is known for its bright yellow flowers and requires a lot of sunlight and water to grow properly.Allamanda care…

lemon tree picking

Lemon Tree Care Tips From A Nursery

Lemons are a delicious, but sour, citrus fruit that’s popular all around the world. This sour fruit is used in many dishes, beverages, scents, and even cleaning products. Lemons have become a massive stable for many of us, leading you to believe that these citrus fruit trees have been around for centuries. But did you…