Sod Installation – Get Grass Sod

Want a Beautiful, Luscious Green Lawn Without All of the Work?

Growing a lawn using grass seed takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and of course the right weather conditions. Instead of waiting months to get a great-looking lawn in your outdoor space, why not choose the quicker option?

Plus, Sod grass installation pairs great with our expert Landscape Design.

At troy’s tropics, we offer professional sod installation that will transform your lawn in a matter of hours, not months.


Prepping Your Lawn

Sod installation goes well beyond laying down sheets of pre-grown grass. It requires a lot of planning and tons of elbow grease. Sod installation is an investment, and you don’t want your hard-earned dollars to go to waste.

Grass sod has a long history of installation.

Instead of guessing at sod installation on your own, hire an experienced team that you can trust. Before sod is laid, our team:

  • removes old grass and weeds
  • adds fertilizer or nutrients to the soil if needed
  • grades the soil to make sure its level

Sod Installation

Once the soil has been prepped, we get to work laying down each roll of sod using industry best practices. Our teal also sets up sprinklers to ensure that your new lawn receives much-needed water.

We will also provide a maintenance plan for your lawn. Sod not only needs to be watered frequently, but it’s also best to avoid foot traffic for up to two weeks.

After the sod has had a month or so to get acclimated and take root, it can be safely mowed.

Laying down sod has many benefits over normal grass.


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Our clients say it best

A very nice nursery! They have lots of varieties to choose from and the staff is always super helpful. Some places around town I get the feeling like I'm inconveniencing the employees when I ask questions or opinions but each time I've gone to Troy's everyone has been so helpful! Keep up the good work!
I would like to inform you of this beautiful place call Troy Tropics in Sarasota Florida, this nursery has the best looking fruit trees I have ever seen or purchase. But less not forget the best customer service. I would like to thank Joy Tilley for her wonderful customer service she has given me when emailing her, it has been the best ever.
Had emergency milkweed needed ASAP Troys had giant and tropical great prices too only $4.99 The Monarchs thank you !
Highly recommend Troy’s Tropics, the entire team is professional and knowledgeable. Our landscaping needed refreshing and we are so pleased with the results! Alex and the team did an amazing job, they were prompt, courteous, and very responsive to our needs.

We recently had Troy's overhaul our front landscape beds and were delighted with how smooth and professional the process was. A special thanks to landscape designer Dean Thompson who designed the layout, entertained all our input, and also provided helpful information on other plants in our yard. All in all, a terrific experience.

Bryan R

I live in Riverview, FL and sure, there are plenty of plant nurseries closer to my house, however, I wish I had found out about this gem down in Sarasota way sooner. The plants here are all outrageously healthy and thriving and this makes them all stupendously b-e-a-utiful!!!

Mike K

Nice plants, great staff! They kindly let me leave my plants there while I ran an errand and due to the heat. I really appreciate their kindness.

Lori C

We had Alex from Troy’s Tropics redo our entire plant beds in the front of our home. We couldn’t be happier with the professional design, selection of plants and installation. Everything went perfectly. Troy’s stands by their work. My wife and I could not be happier. If you want major landscaping work done we highly recommend Troy’s Tropical

Dr. Swier