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Allamanda plant guide

Allamanda Care Guide From A Florida Nursery

Let’s not waste another moment and get straight into our Allamanda Care advice How Do You Maintain The Allamanda Plant?   The allamanda (Allamanda cathartica) is a tropical flowering shrub often used as a houseplant. It is known for its bright yellow flowers and requires a lot of sunlight and water to grow properly.Allamanda care…

lemon tree picking

Lemon Tree Care Tips From A Nursery

Lemons are a delicious, but sour, citrus fruit that’s popular all around the world. This sour fruit is used in many dishes, beverages, scents, and even cleaning products. Lemons have become a massive stable for many of us, leading you to believe that these citrus fruit trees have been around for centuries. But did you…