monarch butterfly

The Benefits of a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are beautiful and add a variety of outstanding colors to a garden. They are attracted to bright colors and fragrant flowers; they feed on nectar produced by the flowers. As a butterfly travels from one flower to another, it pollinates the plants, which results in further development of that plant species. There are a number of plants that rely on pollinators like butterflies for reproduction. Butterflies add beauty to any garden. Their rich colors are built into each species for the purposes of camouflage against their predators, attraction to mates, and to give off warning signals.
In Florida, butterflies prefer native plants, which are those plants that easily adapt to the environment. Native plants are easy to maintain and more hardy than non-native plants. Using native plants is good for the environment because landscaping with them is a sustainable practice. As they are better adapted to their climate, they require fewer resources in general to grow and thrive. In addition, Florida native plants are a natural host to butterflies, so they are attractive to many gardeners.
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