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Discover the Right Style for Your Garden

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Your home is a reflection of your taste. You may also be thinking about the style of your garden landscape when you want to create a specific look. For example,  do you favor a minimalist, modern style, or do you prefer bold colors and patterns? The same personal choices may be extended from the inside of your home to the style of your landscape. If you are the romantic type, you can choose pale roses and other graceful perennials that feel old-fashioned and nostalgic. Or, if your home includes a formal dining room, you may be more traditional and want to have a formal garden that is manicured, controlled, and looks good throughout the year. Other styles to consider include:

Natural Gardens: A combination of perennials with ornamental grasses that can be used in large or small gardens, this breezy look is defined by movement, light, and color.

Mediterranean Gardens: Choose plants that evoke warm, dry climates, such as lavender and other gray-leaved drought-loving plants for a dryer kind of garden. When you add some gravel, stone, and terracotta pots, you can achieve a Mediterranean look.

Tropical Gardens: Create a tropical look with garden landscaping in Sarasota from the team at Troy’s Tropics. You can choose from a number of sustainable garden ferns, banana plants, cannas, and big-leaf tropical plants. Large leaves and bold textures give this garden a lush tropical look.


What Is a Cottage Garden?

Garden Landscaping in Sarasota

If you want a colorful, but strictly informal, garden style, a cottage garden may be just right for your landscape. It is the opposite of a structured, more formal type of garden yet it can be designed with all manner of plants. Whatever plantings you choose, keep in mind they are not planted in a straight line if you want to achieve the look of a cottage garden. Cottage gardens flowers may overlap each other or even flow together with no boundaries to keep them apart. More freewheeling than formal, cottage gardens can seem a bit wild, with vines crawling up posts, roses entwined over arbors, and undefined flower beds. A cottage garden can add charm to any style of home or property. Some of the more traditional cottage plants include:

  • Hollyhocks
  • Irises
  • Hydrangeas
  • Pinks
  • Delphiniums

While cottage gardens don’t look as if they’ve been designed, it does take the services of a team that excels at garden landscaping in Sarasota like the ones at Troy’s Tropics. Professional landscapers know how to ensure a cottage garden looks exuberant, free-flowering, and much less restrained than other garden designs. Quite simply, a cottage garden looks simple, charming, and appears to be a natural landscape design that is sure to enhance the appearance of any home.