Steps to successful landscape design

Steps to a Successful Landscape Design

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DIY Landscape Design Guide

If your home can benefit from extra curb appeal, there is a way to create a successful landscape design in Sarasota, which is much more than simply adding some plant materials and hoping for the best. Professionals in the landscape business often use specific guidelines and processes for making sure that a landscaping design appears just as they and their clients want and expect. Some of the concepts and steps that lead to a successful landscape design include all of the following:

Know Your Yard Conditions

The specific conditions of your yard are the amount and length of sun and shade exposure the area receives. Areas of your property are one or a combination of the following:

  • Full sun
  • Partial shade
  • Shade
  • Deep shade.

The position of the sun and how long your yard is exposed to it are important factors to consider when selecting plants for your landscape. It also helps to consider how water drains in your landscape.

Focus On What You Use Your Yard For

If your yard is used as a place for children or pets to play and romp, that may require a certain area of space to be set aside. Also, if you want to use your yard for outdoor entertaining, you can create a different space to accommodate that.

Work with Troy’s Tropics when you are ready to increase your home’s curb appeal in Sarasota. Visit to find out about the plants we have available at our nursery on five acres.

Plan For Movement

Now that you know what plants your yard can support, and you’ve established designated areas for common activities, there’s only more thing to factor in — motion. We suggest you consider how you want people to move from one area to another on your lawn.

Do you want to add walkways or hardscapes? Do you want tall garden arches for a shade walk or flowers on both sides for a fairytale feel?

When picking our your walking paths, don’t forget that all yards require maintenance and a complex design will add to your yard work. If you have the budget to hire a crew to maintain your new landscape, then this won’t apply. If you plan on doing the yard’s upkeep yourself, then the design should strike a balance between beauty and practicality. Flowers should be easy access, and the grass easy to mow.

Being simple to maintain is part of a yard’s beauty that owners appreciate with time.

Professional Landscape Design Guide


The Initial Consultation

After you schedule an appointment with one of our Sarasota landscape designers, the first step is a walk through our 5 acre nursery. On the walk you’ll want to make sure you tell our design which plantings you love and point out those that are not your favorites. Like a kid in a candy shop on Christmas Eve, you’re giving our designer your landscape “wish list.”

Create Concepts

After the trip through our nursery and a visit to your property, our landscape designer will comes back prepare several different ideas for your review. 

Your job is easy … just tell them which one you love the most!

Me might be a bit biased, but we truly do have the most experienced and knowledgeable landscape designers in Sarasota. They help you get the most out of your yard by thinking of it as another space in your home.

Rely on our team to upgrade your home’s curb appeal with care, beauty, and attention to detail.

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