Steps to successful landscape design

Steps to a Successful Landscape Design, Part 2

To continue our information about creating a successful landscape, we suggest you consider how you want people to move from one area to another on your property. Do you want to add walkways or hardscapes? If different paths are needed throughout your property, that factors into the kind of plantings you should choose. Other items to consider are your maintenance capability, style, and budget. Have you thought about how much time you want to spend on your landscape? Maybe you have the budget to hire a crew to maintain your new landscape. If not, it makes sense to plan carefully to get and keep the landscape you want for many years to come. Additional tips to consider as you set about planning to upgrade your property’s curb appeal include:
The Initial Consultation
Spend time with your landscape designer in Sarasota by walking through your property. Make sure you say what plantings you like and point out those that are not your favorites. Be sure to give him or her your “wish list.”
Create Concepts
After you’ve surveyed the property together, the landscape designer comes back with several different ideas for your review. Choose the one that fits best with your budget, appearance, and overall goals.
Choose Troy’s Tropics when you need an experienced and knowledgeable landscape designer in Sarasota. We help you get the most out of your yard by thinking of it as another space in your home.  Rely on our team to upgrade your home’s curb appeal with care, beauty, and attention to detail.

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