Planning a Low-Maintenance Garden

Planning a Low-Maintenance Garden

It is not uncommon, especially in a sun-drenched, hot-climate state like Florida for many homeowners to want to have a low-maintenance garden to tend throughout the year. There is no real garden—as opposed to artificial—that is no maintenance at all, but there are ways to plan to have gardening chores take up less time in your daily life. You can also work with the experienced landscape designer in Sarasota at Troy’s Tropics when you have little time to invest in hoeing, raking, weeding, and amending the soil. Following are some tips on how to have a low-maintenance garden that still adds value and curb appeal to your home:

  • Plant Perennials & Shrubs

Choosing hardy perennials (those that come back year after year) that can withstand summer heat and even a bit of drought means you have fewer weeds and not as much watering to do. Also, while shrubs like azaleas bloom profusely in the spring, they don’t require much pruning. You can also use certain kinds of ornamental grasses the only need cutting back once a year.

  • Native Plantings

Florida’s native plants are drought-tolerant and hearty. A native plant is one that has flourished in the weather and soil of an area. For example, some of the most used native plants, shrubs, and trees in Florida include the beautyberry shrub, muhly grass, coontie, and Southern magnolia.

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