Native Trees That Can Withstand Florida Storms

Not many trees are strong enough to sustain hurricane-force winds, but there are some trees that may last through the summer storms in Florida.  A recent study showed that the strongest trees to withstand storms are Florida natives. The natives held up best under high winds and were not as likely to break apart or fall. Also, they tended to be salt-tolerant, drought-tolerant and required little maintenance. The following native trees and palms had the least accounts of losing branches or falling over during the peak storm season in Florida:

  • Live Oak: The live oak shade tree grows up to 60 feet high with a canopy of up to about 40 feet. It provides a lot of shade and grows at a medium rate.
  • Gumbo Limbo: This adaptable shade tree is known for its twisting branches and is also called “the tourist tree” because its peeling red bark resembles a sunburn. It is a fast grower that can reach a height up to 40 feet.
  • Geiger Tree: This small tree provides orange-red flowers to the landscape and blooms all year. It takes its name from a wreck salvager in Key West. It grows up to 25 feet at a slow-to-medium growth rate.
  • Sabal Palm: The sabal palm is the state tree of Florida, and it’s also called the cabbage palm. It grows up to 40 feet high at a slow rate. Mature
  • Silver Palm: This palm tree has silver fronds and produces fruit that attracts It grows up to 10 feet at a slow rate.

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