Sarasota Landscaping Services

Why Choose Us For You Landscaping Needs

Enhance your home with a professionally designed Tropical Landscape — one that highlights the architecture of your house, fits your lifestyle, and is easy to maintain. Give your home a striking and welcoming entrance, an attractive patio or pool area, play areas, privacy, interesting garden views and more.

Not only appearances are involved when it comes to a Professional Landscape Design. Practical problems like additional parking, outdoor storage, shading for energy conservation, drainage issues, and landscape lighting are also taken into consideration. Our landscape designers take into consideration the sunlight, soil, water requirements of plants, texture, color size, landscape style appropriate for your home and location. If you desire a landscape that doesn’t match your geographical location, not a problem!

Do You Offer Sarasota Hardscaping Too?

Ask us about Hardscaping to make it happen. At Troy’s Tropics we are knowledgeable and can help you avoid mistakes by suggesting plants that will thrive and always look good in your garden without a lot of maintenance. Good design is all about putting the right plant in the right place.

We offer a wide choice of landscape services in Sarasota and the surrounding areas to fit your needs and budget.

Contact Us For A Free Landscaping Audit

Landscape Consultation includes a designer’s visit to your home to answer your questions, to identify plants in your garden, to give helpful suggestions about the addition or removal of plants and reshaping or creating new beds. A freehand sketch of a specific area may also be part of this service. (Click the above button to schedule a consult)

A consultation is billed hourly, $100 per hour with a one hour minimum.

Landscape Plan includes a site visit to measure the property and discuss your questions and concerns about a new landscape. The next step is a landscape plan drawn to scale, with types of plants we recommend and their placement in the garden. In addition, you’ll receive a detailed proposal with quantities and costs of plants, materials and labor for installation. We can go over this plan with you at the nursery to show you the kinds and sizes of plants included in the plan to help you visualize what your new landscape will look like.

Prices for plans are based on the project size and location.

How Much Does Landscaping In Sarasota Cost?

Costs of Installation Services are spelled out in the plan proposal. You may elect to have all, or part of the project installed by our professional crews. Or you may have the plan installed in phases as the budget permits. Our professional crews can install all or part of your landscape plan. Our guys have the experience and equipment to make the tough jobs look easy—from bed preparation to planting really BIG trees.

Landscape Lighting is a value-building way to enjoy around-the-clock all the work that gets put into your landscape!

We begin by marking the bed lines exactly as shown on your plan, then removing weeds and roots from the areas to prepare the bed for planting. The plants are then carefully placed where they need to go and planted according to our exacting standards. After a thorough watering, the beds are mulched.

Our guys can do in hours or days a job that would take a homeowner months to complete. And we all love the transformation—turning an ugly or bare landscape into a beautiful garden!

If you are tired of mowing an ugly weed patch, we can give you the lush green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Ask us today about grading and sodding your yard.

Other Common Names For Landscaping

  • Lawn Care Landscaping

  • Sarasota Landscape Maintenance